Preventive Technology

  • ViziLite Plus oral cancer screening exams identify abnormal tissue, that might develop into oral cancer. An annual ViziLite Plus exam, in combination with a regular visual examination, provides a comprehensive oral screening procedure for patients at increased risk for oral cancer. The ViziLite Plus exam is painless, fast and could help save your life ! 
  • Bonded Preventive Sealants (cleaning out all bacteria and stains beforehand with air abrasion or drill-less dentistry)
  • Thorough use of DETECTOR decay indicator before any sealant, filling, or restoration is placed to ensure all bacteria, stain, and decay is removed
  • Preventive Fluoride treatments, both in-office varnish and prescriptions(ie. PERIOMED prescription fluoride rinse, FluoriMax prescription fluoride toothpaste, MI PASTE prescription tooth sensitivity and remineralization technology)
  • ProphyJet Teeth cleaning and stain removal for adults and children
  • Fresh Breath Program including BREATHRx anti-bad breath products
  • Continuing recare tracking to ensure regular dental checkups
  • Preventive mouth guards for anti-snoring, sports, tooth wear, and TMJ treatment


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